Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Colorful autumn

"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale." (Lauren DeStefano)

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Zara - dress
H&M - cardigan
Deichmann - boots

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn roses

I've always liked nature - the beauty, the feelings, the walks, the trips. However, before I didn't really enjoy these moments. Like most of the people I had millions of moments when I was just a robot, leaving me influenced by technology and forgetting to watch the sky and feel the beauty of  life. 

The changes from the last 2 years  include also a full appreciation of the moment. If you read me you already know how much I insist on the idea of a positive and grateful life. 

For me, this includes the return to nature with all its beautiful forms. I try to spend a lot of time outside and observe the pure beauty - this autumn, in October, I saw roses in Botanical Garden. It's the first time. I always had the impression that the roses are found only in the summer in their natural environment. 

Probably I was too busy with other useless things to give importance to what really matters. I hope you like the pictures. Other posts from Botanical Garden from Cluj-Napoca you can find here and here

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Stradivarius - jumpsuit
Meli Melo - floral sneakers
New Yorker - parka 

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why I became a vegetarian?

For several years increasingly more people adopt a vegetarian style, a vegan one or extreme - raw vegan. The reasons are many - from intolerance or displeasure to health, from mercy to animals and an eco lifestyle to the simple fact that for many people it's just a trend and they wanna be in it. 

It passed almost half of year since I am vegetarian. I was a big meat eater until about 4 years ago. Then I began to eat meat increasingly less. Not for special reasons but simply because I no longer felt the need. 

Then less and less at home - but when I was out I was very tempted by fast food. I don't stand hunger at all - I become nervous and irritable - so I had a period of two months when I ate fast food almost every day. 

One day I realized that what I do isn't ok. I weighed the fact that I need very less meat when I cook at home, the fact that fast food it's so bad for our body and my love for the animals - especially that I have at home a cute little dog and a few birds - Australien zebras - the result was giving up meat

At the first was just a plan. I wanted to do it but postponed all the time - next week, next month and so on. Meanwhile, I attached more and more of my pets, I went often at my boyfriend's parents where I saw chickens and geese happy running through the yard - little chickens just starting to pinch - and then I started to think that the cute baby chicken will become a barbecue. I hated the idea. 

The final step was to watch various documentaries about the meat industry, and consequently the skin and fur industry - and from that moment no more meat

I know that the dairy industry is not any less cruel, but I am not a big fan of this kind of products first of all and second I will take all of this step by step. I admit that I eat fish from time to time because it's easier for my parents and our family in general (I refer strictly to those moments when I visit them) and yes I eat eggs because the chicken eggs come from our happy hens from country and the quail eggs are from my parent's home - so all eco.

Next, I will show you a few photos (#instamoments) with my little Yorkie because I believe that are relevant for this post and then I will tell you some advantages and disadvantages or other feelings about this lifestyle. 

      What has changed in these six months?
  • When I say that I love animals it feels so good when I know that is so true and deep and I
    no longer contribute to their cold-blooded killing.
  • I feel so much better and fresh and full of energy.
  • I discovered my pleasure to cook and prepare always fresh and diversified food.
  • I always eat breakfast - before that I've always skipped breakfast.
  • I succeeded to get rid of 3 kilos and then I stayed at a constant weight.
  • I feel that I am a better person - it is said that when we eat meat our body absorbs all the negative energy and fear of the animals from the moment of their death. 
  • I have a clean and bright skin.
  • I feel a lot better inside and outside - my parents say that I simply glow. 
From my point of view there are no disadvantages  - if I should find one - it would be the fact that there isn't a quick solution when you are very very hungry and you are on the road or traveling, etc. When you are a meat eater you can choose a sandwich,  fast food and you  know - there are so many possibilities. 
When you are at least vegetarian you must settle for cereal bars, stuff to chew preferred more natural, fruits, healthy snacks and so on. 
A pretty long post, I hope you had the patience to read till the end. More to come about this lifestyle because when you change a part of you, you find yourself in other things also.

Note: This is a personal decision and I do what I feel and what is best for me. I don't intend to convince anyone to do the same, I'm not against meat lovers and I don't intend to make a propaganda. I respect anyone's decisions. I will only relate my experience and how this changed my life, hoping that I can be a light for those people looking for answers or opinions about this lifestyle and also share together tips and tricks.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It feels like autumn

Officially I can say it feels like autumn. So far I've enjoyed the sun, the colorful leaves, the coolness, the pleasant atmosphere - today I listen to the rain, the wind pounding dressed in the thickest and fluffy robe that I have.

Don't get me wrong. I'm in love with autumn, it's my favorite season. But first  hot coffee I have to get used with the temperature changes. 

I don't know if it will be any hot days anymore so I believe that the outfit from this post it will be the last from this year with this kind of clothes without tights or pants.  

I know that are persons who claim that they can't stand tights and who prefer to walk in the fall/winter time in bare legs, but it seems to me something exaggerated and pointless. We should leave fashion / arrogance aside and think realistically. Most important is to be healthy and comfy, the rest comes naturally. 

And finally which would be the charm of seasons and combinations of clothes if we dress in the winter as in the summer time?

Outfit details

Bershka - boots
H&M - socks
H&M - denim shirt (another styling here
H&M - faux fur vest
Police - sunglasses

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm not the person I used to be

"I'm going to strip away every piece of myself that you loved so I don't have to look at myself and remember that for a brief moment, I was what you wanted."


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little fashion dog

Central Park from Cluj it's a very large park more than 180 years old. Inside it's also a lake, a restaurant with a terrace on the lakeside, a hall for events and other little ones. Very often there are all sorts of shows and activities. 

Most of my pictures are shot there. I know that isn't the perfect place for any kind of outfit but I love the privacy, the feelings, the serenity from inside, even it's a populated place almost every time. 

It's our place - mine and my baby's -  full of stories, hugs, laughter, good mood and then the main place to walk our hairball - MINI. Recently she started to be a fashion dog because I made her some skirts of tulle (haha) and it's only the beginning.

She wore very proud this pink skirt and aroused only positive reactions and big smiles. That's the point. In a world so tired and sad and full of concerns I liked to cheered someone even for a second. 

Outfit details

Stradivarius - shirt
Terranova - shorts
H&M - backpack

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

L'oreal pro-keratin masque for damaged hair

About my hair's less positive aspects I could talk on and on - thin, weak, without volume, dry ends, total non-stylized for several months after a wrong haircut and then damaged after a partial discoloration. After a light color,  my hairdresser recommended me to use a hair masque every time I wash my hair. 

I asked her what is the best masque to use it. She said that it has to be very nourishing and based on keratin. I admit that I didn't listen to her right away because I knew that professional hair products are more expensive and then wasn't the time. 

I tried a nourishing masque from Dove and then one from Yves Rocher and all this time I made many mixtures from natural oils - olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, etc. 

My hair began to recover but there was a long way to a beautiful hair. If you've noticed in almost all my posts I had my hair caught up. I never thought that a bad haircut can have long-term consequences. Maybe the problem was that I had more than one (haha).

My lucky moment was in Rome. My sister is a hairdresser and obviously, she made a miracle for my hair - haircut - bangs because this is the best for my face and color - I'm back to my natural color. I felt the love and the professionalism because it seemed to me that my hair started to breathe instantly, that it came to life. 

I want to give it full treatment so I ordered a professional hair masque. I don't use to search dozens of information, I like to follow my instinct so I chose a masque from L'oreal - pro-keratin masque for damaged hair.

What do they say? 

"Pro-keratin refill – correcting care masque for damaged hair – this formula enriched with pro-keratin immediately helps to correct the appearance of damaged and weakened hair. 

The hair fiber is left feeling protected against external aggressors and feels more supple. 

Directions to use: apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes - rinse thoroughly."

What do I say?

I am in love with the smell that persists a lot. I don't know what you think but I consider that is very important that the hair of a woman smells delightful. It's a small detail but a strong asset from my point of view. 

I like the texture - it seems an expensive cream - very clean and soft - like a perfect pudding with whipped cream - qualitative in one word. 

In love with the result - after I use it my hair looks fabulous and no, not exaggerating - it shines, has volume, and all I need it's a hair dryer. Doesn't need anything else to sit in one place and look good.

I don't feel my hair ends dry anymore, I truly recommend it. Although it is more expensive than others, yet is convenient because with this texture you will have it for a while because you have to put a small amount. 

What do you think?  What do you know about L'oreal pro-keratin masque for damaged hair?
You believe in the miracles made by professional products for hair?