Friday, July 22, 2016

And so...the adventure begins

Dear butterflies,

I want to tell you that I will miss from the blog a few weeks - not many, maximum to the end of the August. 

I had a very busy period and I don't feel myself right now. 

I really need some rest and at the same time to focus on other things. 

In addition to that, we will go on vacation soon and I really want the best of it. 

I will share with you everything when I will return from my journey.

I hope that you'll still be here with me :)

You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I will post there moments of my life. 

                                                                                                                                   Hugs, Adelaine

Thank you for your visit!
Have a great summer time! ^^

Saturday, July 16, 2016

If not now, when?

I love vacations, but it is always hard to return to your daily business. You just want to sit there and procrastinate a little bit more. As you already know if you have read my latest posts, we went to visit my parents for almost three weeks. 

A lot of relaxation, fun and good humor, stories, warm hugs and sweet memories. We are back in Cluj for three days already and I realized suddenly that we have already passed the half of July. I was omg, when time flew so fast? 

It seems like yesterday I wrote about spring and sun and flowers and now the summer is almost gone. It's frightening. It is said that time is running twice faster when we are adults, and then even 3 times faster.

There are too many activities and too little time. When I was little and my only care in the world was to play with my dolls, the days seemed to be endless. 

The subject is long and complex and we could talk forever about it, the main idea remains the same - cherish your live and live every moment with intensity, love and peace in your soul. Isn't a cliche, the life really goes too fast and we must do as many as possible from the to do list of the book of life. 

About the outfit, I went out for a coffee yesterday with my friend Cleo. We know each other for less than two months, and our story is another example of the fact that the world is actually very small and you never know which is your destiny. 

We haven't seen each other for three weeks. The ritual was the same - cappuccino, gossips, plans, a lot of laughs and then pictures for our blogs.

I decided to be casual so I chose jeans, my favorite floral sneakers, and my favorite accessory right now  - a big black and silver ring. It's from Meli Melo and I wear it almost every day. 

Don't forget to smile ^^

Thank you for your visit!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Floral dress

I was visiting Iasi a few days ago. It has been over a year since I moved from this city and half a year since my last visit. Nothing has changed, it looks like I was there yesterday. 

I consider myself an adaptable person. I left my hometown and then the city where I lived 8 years easily - without regrets, without nostalgia. I kept the memories and the good friends. It is enough. 

I cherish with all my heart the time spent with my parents when I am home and the time spent with my best friends when I visit Iasi. It is so great to have real friends, to bound those friendships that last in time, resist the distance and so on. I simply love them.

About the outfit that I finally managed to pose it, I've walked this gorgeous floral dress in Botanical Garden from Iasi. It's the kind of dress that you see in the store, hanged in there, but you are not inspired to try it. 

At the insistence of my mother I gave it a chance. I fell in love with this floral dress and when I wear it, I feel like a peony bloomed, a pink one. It is kind of something eye-catching. 

Outfit details - floral dress, because I am a flower child ^^

Thank you for your visit!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Modern Fairy Tale

Hello, Monday! I write this post from my parents yard, under the shadow of a little vineyard, although today isn't that hot outside. Actually is a little chilly and cloudy, most probably the storm is coming. 

While I'm sipping my last drop of coffee, I think of that fact when the plans are never equaled by the results. I haven't blog for a week now. We are at my parents, in a small town and the photo sessions weren't a big success. 

First, I took a walk with my mother and after an hour of looking for a quiet place, I realised at home that the pictures weren't what I expected. Then, we had a wedding on Saturday. I was ready much earlier, just to use the opportunity to photo shoot my outfit. Not a chance. From nowhere it started to rain - torrential rain.

And the last fail was yesterday. To narrate all, I will begin with the fact that last week I finished my first dress. I was passionate about design and clothes since I was little. I remember how many visits I did to my neighbor who was a seamstress. She gave me always pieces of materials of which I was doing clothes for my dolls. 

Now, came the turn to transform those small clothes for me. I am very passionate and I think that this is more than enough for now. When I talked about dreams, I said also that I have other plans. This is one of them - to create cute clothes. I am not perfect and neither my dress is. But is only the beginning. 

Ever since I got my sewing machine, I've imagined that my first one will be like this one - pink and green. Of course that I wanted a beautiful landscape for the pictures, but again the plans were much more beautiful than the results. 

Anyway, I hope you like it. I tried to feel like a princess and play like Tinkerbell, haha. 

Outfit details - dress made by me, flowers in my hair, dreams in my soul and confidence in my future

Thank you for your visit!
Have a great and serene week!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Freedom's road

Today's post was inspired by this quote "The mountains are calling and I must go". I discovered this phrase in a period when I really started to appreciate the freedom and the beauty of life. Until then, I was just a robot, a normal person who try to please everyone and completely forgetting her soul and her's desires. 

And then, about 2 years ago, I find this quote. It was my inspiration for my future road...freedom's road. I know that for most of the people these are simple words that mean just a trip or something...but for me, it means much more. 

It's important the part in which you can be whoever you want to be, who you want to be, without masks or fake smiles. 

And for the base, we have the trips and the possibility to forget every daily thing and go somewhere, anywhere, even it's at the edge of the town. 

This time, we traveled to my parents. Was really hot on the road, I tried to remain as fresh as I could to capture some moments.

Outfit details - baggy pants, crop top, flowers in my hair and sunshine in my heart ^^ boho chic inspiration ^^

Thank you for your visit!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Perfume of roses

When I was younger, I thought like most of the girls, that my favorite flowers are roses, especially the red ones. It was said that the red ones are a symbol of love. Now, I know that red roses whisper passion and  the white ones breathe love.

Anyway, just a cliche. My favorite flowers are tulips and peonies, and then all the flowers, because this is the beauty of the flowers, to be in love with them and with their perfume.

About roses, I prefer those how come naturally, in all the colors and shapes, the gardens of roses, instead of classic bouquets received as gifts or attention, without personality or smell.

The last time when I was in Botanical Garden was in tulip season. A few days ago, I stepped into the land of roses - pink, white, red, yellow, a little pink with a little white and so on, all the colors and the beautiful shapes.

And the perfume of roses...oh the perfume - a tango of fragrances followed by a waltz of senses.

Outfit details - favorite floral sneakers  - at first was strange to see shoes at Meli Melo, but it seems that they are very cute, like all their products

 Mesmerizing roses from Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden 

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Feel good photography

A good friend of mine asked me in one of these days  when we met to take some pictures, what I have in mind, what concept of photography I want to use, what idea have I. I smiled and I told her that I never make rules for my pictures, because I like them to come naturally. 

I like to move, to jump, to smile a lot, to play with the camera, and after, I choose - what represents me better, what express more, what gives to you, my lovely reader a good feeling or maybe sometimes a dreaminess. 

Outfit details - cute skirt and black blouse - I could always choose black

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